Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Eating lunch at school is a privilege and students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion. Students who are transported must eat lunch at school.

Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds during the lunch period without written permission each time this occurs. For students who behave inappropraitely, alternate lunch options will be provided.

NOTE: Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds to purchase a lunch at the store and return to the school to eat it.
Thank you for your support of our efforts to keep our students safe.

Pizza (for Thursday), hot dogs (for Wednesday), submarine sandwiches (for Tuesday) and milk (weekly) are available for purchase by students.  Money for all orders is collected by teachers at the beginning of each semester.  Information will be sent home regarding a prepayment system that will be available to parents.

Pizza $1.25 slice
Hot Dogs $1.50 each
Submarines $3.50
White & Chocolate Milk $1.00 each

If you can help out for an hour or so some Wednesday mornings to prepare the hot dogs, please let us know.  Your assistance would be much appreciated.

From time to time we also need temporary replacements for our noon hour supervisors. If you are able to assist us in this area, please call the Secretary and let her know.