School Council

School Council

School Council

Carl A. Nesbitt Public School has established a tradition of excellence in education for decades. The School Council has played a key role in ensuring the best possible education for our students. Members of the council are parents who volunteer their time to suggest ways to improve and /or enhance the school community as a whole. They ensure that good communication is maintained between the school, parents/guardians and community. They work to encourage participation and enthusiasm within the school setting to make it a better place for learning.

Our Wonderful School Council

Chair Erin Neville
Co-Chair Tracy Colin
Secretary vacant

Members at large
Tracy Conlin
Victoria Hingst
Erin Neville
Richard Pancel
Jessica Watts

Principal Jim Wachnuk
Vice-Principal Kristen Pichette

Terms of Reference

School Council reviews and revises the constitution annually.

Meeting Minutes & Dates

The first meeting of the Nesbitt School Council took place on September 21, 2017.The next meeting will take place on Wednesday November 15, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend!